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Tub Coaters of Baltimore Ceramic Tile and Tub Refinishing
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Best Tub & Tile Surround Refinishing at the Lowest Prices!
Is the tile in your bathroom old, cracked, unsightly or damaged? If so you have found the right place. We have served Baltimore Maryland and the surrounding areas from Baltimore County, Harford County, Howard County, Anne Arundel County, Montgomery County, Prince George's County, Frederick County, , Washington D.C. and Carrolll County for years. Our mission here at Baltimore's Elite Tub Refinishing is to make your bath tub, bathroom, kitchen or any and every tiled area of your home look almost new!! Yes, new as if your tile was just installed. Whether you've been informed with the proper decision to contact us for refinishing or stumbled upon our site in researching your options for bath liners or replacement, you will find your decision to call us will be most economical and wise. We are very proud to have acquired clients with long term relationships including home owners and landlords who have confessed to their bath tub looking newer than it did when it was initially installed! In further impressing many customers, most refinishing jobs result in a coat that would last longer than even the original tub coating. The special patented formula that our company uses has been tested tried and found to hold it's gleam and shine longer than most original tub finishes! Bath tub refinishing/reglazing is our expertise. Join our list of happy and ecstatic customers by using Tubcoaters Tub Refinishing's superior formula and professional service today! Make your bathroom remodel a little easier. Call Now.

Eliminating Your Grout and Caulk Lines
If you are like most homeowners or the ones in Baltimore and the surrounding counties that we have spoken to, cleaning your grout lines in your bathroom tub or bathroom tub surround is a complete nuisance! Even more difficult and tedious than cleaning your bathtub and bathtub tile is the job of clearing debris from your grout and caulk lines. The thought of your bathroom caulk appearing new after as little as months after a new install is dream for most. Normally it is much easier to re-caulk. As for your grout lines, it is nearly impossible! Being that grout is porous in nature, it will absorb debris and dirt as easy as a sponge. If you care for maintaining a sanitary bathroom, there is a huge disappointment in the shocking reality that the pours promote growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and algae which can become visible to the naked eye. However, there is a solution! A huge added benefit of having your tile refinished is by refinishing and tile resurfacing, your caulk and grout lines can be coated thus immune to debris! Your bathroom is left with a clean seal of protective barrier. Your bathroom appears cleaner and a "breeze" to clean and maintain! Bathroom remodeling couldn't be any easier.

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Tub & Tile Refinishing, Baltimore MD

Tub Coaters Baltimore Maryland
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